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At MOVI we imagine a world where going to work
makes you feel better. With foundations in health
science and research, we’re here to change the
way people work at their desks.

The benefits of standing up:

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    Boosts Productivity

    A 2016 research study indicated standing desks could increase productivity by up to 53%.

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    Increases Engagement

    Working below capacity costs businesses 6.5 working days per employee annually.

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    Improves Health

    Healthy employees only take 2 days of sick leave annually, unhealthy employees take 18.

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    Reduced Disease Risk

    Spending 11+ hours per day sitting increases your risk of disease by as much as 147%.

To create MOVI we connected with a range of expert health professionals and elite athletes who believe that regular movement is essential for good health.

Dr David Oehme
“We are designed to be active. Humans developed to walk and move on two limbs, standing upright; many don’t realise just how unnatural sitting is.”

Dr. David Oehme MBBS(Hons) PhD FRACS

MOVI is recommended and used by Melbourne based Neurosurgeon
and Spine Surgeon, Dr. David Oehme. Extensively trained in the
treatment of complex spine conditions, David completed a PhD at
Monash University, researching degenerative spinal conditions and
novel biotechnologies to treat disc degeneration. He is considered a
world expert in the field.

Learn more at doneurosurgery.com >

work hard
(feel good)™

Standing and moving during your work day can eliminate serious health risks from prolonged sitting and improve your health and productivity.

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Change it up.

When using MOVI we recommend that
you switch between sitting and standing
often, take a seat when you’re tired,
check your posture, and get up and
move around when you can.

Read more on our Support page >

Ready to move?

Make your workday active and stand up
for your health. MOVI comes with free
shipping and a 30 day guarantee.

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The Sitting Epidemic Book

Our Research.

Authored by MOVI co-founder Daniel
Angelini, The Sitting Epidemic is a book
designed to inform and inspire the
stand up revolution. With over 180
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practical workplace health tips and
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Good for you.
Good for the planet.

We chose bamboo for MOVI workspace because it is a natural renewable resource that helps us get a step closer to carbon neutrality. We're commited to continuously improving our supply chain, sourcing renewable materials and creating innovative sustainable design.

Say Hi to MOVI.

MOVI are an online retail startup changing the way you work for the better. Based in Melbourne Australia, we're here to empower dynamic, working humans just like ourselves to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Our goal is to improve your wellbeing while you create, and to use MOVI as a force for good in a world where sedentary lifestyles are posing a serious health risk.

Daniel & Nadia MOVI Founders
MOVI Workspace founder Dan Angelini

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work hard (feel good)™
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