5 Ways To Promote An Active Work Day

By Daniel Angelini on June 12, 2019

Because of modern advancements in technology, most professionals today spend most their workday sitting at a desk using a computer and using devices throughout their day.

The means health and wellbeing can be compromised. Workplaces can’t guarantee that their team will be able to get enough physical activity during the day or after hours. Our ‘always on 24/7’ lifestyle isn’t getting any slower! As a result, physical inactivity combined with high stress can cause chronic disease, as the research now proves.

However, if we can integrate movement and physical activity into our workday, and our workplace helps us to do this, then the rewards are huge! Happier and healthier teams, uplifted morale and positivity, simultaneously lowering the risk of illness and mental health issues.

Plus, productivity rises, absenteeism decreases and we can all thrive together!

“If a collective or individual are to thrive it requires energy. The causes and conditions of the health and vitality of the staff of a company need to be the major interest of the company.” Mark McGrath

So how can you promote an active workplace?

1. Communal Work Spaces
Allocate areas in the office where your team can come together for standing lunch or group meetings. Even better, promote walking meetings so they get out in the fresh air and sunshine, increasing blood flow to the brain, and having a serotonin hit that elevates their mood.

2. Traveling to work
It’s not uncommon to spend up to an hour traveling to work. Encourage your team to ride or walk to work, even offering bike racks in safe locations. Stand up when commuting on the train, or parking further away from the office to get some extra walking in.

3. Talking Rather Than Email
Encourage your team to talk to each other rather than sending another email. Along with the physical movement which improves their health, it also leads to increased connection, and improved relationships within the workplace.

4. Provide Standing Work Stations
When standing at work, employees using standing desks experience positive physical and emotional benefits, a decrease in discomfort, become more engaged and have greater job satisfaction.

5. Organize A Group Fitness Session At Lunchtime
Not only will your employees be moving and enriching their health, it’s a wonderful way to build your team spirit and have them interact together in a fun way on a regular basis.

For more ideas on how to bring more activity to your workday, check out ‘The Sitting Epidemic’ by Daniel Angelini. Available at http://sittingepidemic.com/