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Powerful Insights from the Health Experts in ‘The Sitting Epidemic’

When writing ‘The Sitting Epidemic’ we interviewed a variety of health experts from leading medical practitioners to scientists and educators to provide a holistic view and another dimension of expertise on the issues at play with our sedentary modern lifestyles....
Receive a $500 rebate when you buy a MOVI Standing Desk in NSW!
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Receive a $500 rebate when you buy a MOVI Standing Desk in NSW!

What Does the program offer? The Small Business Rebate currently offered by SafeWork NSW is aimed to help you adopt smarter and safer options in your workplace… and the MOVI height adjustable Standing Desks are included as an eligible product. So if you are...
What It Was Like Designing The Movi Desk
4 Min Read

What It Was Like Designing The Movi Desk

How did we go about envisioning the perfect standing desk solution? MOVI is the name of my standing desk product. My design intention is for it to be the most ergonomic and spacious standing desk top platform in the world.There are some major...
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The Business Case for Healthy Buildings - Our take on the report by The Urban Land Institute, Washington DC

This is our summary of the report published by The Urban Land Institute. The full report can be found here.Inspired by a growing body of evidence that healthy buildings can have a positive effect on both human health and real estate performance,...
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Employer Benefits Of A Healthy Office

The Real Value of Workplace Health Why it’s time to invest in our employees   There’s been a shift in our attitude to workplace well-being. The wellness-at-work movement speaks of our society’s increasing need for balance in a hyper-connected world. Now more...
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4 Min Read

How Standing At Work Can Improve Your Life

MOVING AT WORK CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFEImagine a world where you become healthier and stronger simply by going to work. Is it possible?Physical inactivity is the new challenge of the modern world, and with a work-around-the-clock mentality, it’s almost unavoidable to fall...
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3 Min Read

Our Body Is Designed to Move! Sit Less, Improve Your Health.

At MOVI we’re focused on creating products that let you move the way humans were designed to.Physical inactivity is one of the biggest challenges of the modern world, with most of us leading a sedentary lifestyle due to advances in technology and...
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Sitting is the new smoking - Sedentary behaviour is causing a health epidemic.

Our bodies were designed for movement, yet most of our days are spent sitting down at the office, in the car, and on the couch! Even if we exercise, modern technology is encouraging us to spend more time in front of screens,...
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