What we stand for at MOVI

Imagine a world where people become healthier and stronger by going to work. We have. And we have not been able to let go of this idea since.

We want a world where people become healthier and stronger while working, a world where, as a society, we are healthy and happy. That is why we have created MOVI.

Our mission is to help people live longer lives of better quality due to better health, through drastically improving their health while working. 

 Designing the MOVI Standing Desk

After a lot of research, product testing and user surveys, MOVI's unique patented design addresses the following:

  • Ergonomic: infinitely adjustable platform to allow a truly ergonomic setup,
  • Spacious: a primary working area that is unencumbered by anything unnecessary,
  • Desktop Add On: an affordable platform easily retrofitted to existing office desk,
  • Extra Low Profile: a slim construction to sit seamlessly on an existing desk,
  • Refined Designed: an aesthetic that will enhance office spaces and entice use,
  • Simple Adjustability: making it quick and seamless to move between sitting and standing regularly.
  • Sustainable: use sustainably sourced materials that can be easily regenerated.

There are three major advantages of this design approach over other products:

  • The workspace area is large and unencumbered, without any obstructions or interferences, allowing you room to move,
  • The maximum extendable height of the desk is significant, allowing for 45cm (~18”) of lift, enabling the desk to suit very tall users (and equally as able to cater to short users) ergonomically,
  • Office space isn't wasted as the product would raise vertically directly, making it convenient to retrofit in office spaces of all sizes.

Our Design Journey Took 3 Years

We have overcome a lot of very complex challenges to create a unique and beautifully designed standing desk product. There is nothing else on the market that offers you what MOVI does - space, ergonomics, design and practicality - that's why we've patented our product and mechanism.


The design aesthetic of MOVI was inspired by nature.

We had the vision of bringing the outside indoors to create an uplifting workspace. With this in mind, we felt a natural benchtop was the best way to achieve this. So when considering the materials that make MOVI, an environmentally friendly and eco solution was top priority. Bamboo was our selection, next to FSC timber, but bamboo is environmentally far superior, and we loved the look, feel and durability of bamboo the best!