WorkCover Queensland Guidelines for the selection and use of sit to stand computer workstations.

Sitting less and moving more reduces the adverse effect of our sedentary life (at work and home) including our safety, health and well-being. Sedentary lifestyle has been linked to musculoskeletal discomfort and injury, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. To increase the likelihood of regularly using a sit to stand workstation, it must allow for quick and easy alternation between postures and be suitable for your work tasks.

A common question we get asked is "What differentiates MOVI from other standing desk converters?”. The truth is, MOVI was created out of necessity because we couldn't find a sit-stand desk that met all my needs! After analysing and trialling every product on the market and not finding one that did what we wanted, we decided to build the best solution. So MOVI was born.

WorkCover Queensland recommend you consider the following when deciding on a sit to stand workstation to use:

  • No limitation to work area, larger work surface allowing for multiple monitors, keyboard and mouse.

  • Allows user to have their preferred posture in both sitting and standing positions.

  • Allows for forearm support to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders (MULTI TIER)

  • Desk can be adjusted to suit shorter and taller workers when standing.

  • Electric operation enabling height adjustment as not to require notable force to adjust. (manual wind-up height adjustable workstations are generally not recommended)

  • Simple installation not requiring a trained installer to assemble.

Movi standing desks are the only standing desk designed to meet all of these requirements!

It took several years working alongside expert Australian designers, engineers and quality manufacturers to create our premium product. We even patented our design because it is so unique (it’s the only standing desk converter in the world that offers a completely flat, sturdy, spacious work area and is electric).



To learn more about the guidelines for sit stand desk converters, and why WorkCover QLD have outlined these recommendations for adjustable and ergonomic desks, click here to learn more.