MOVI Standing Desk has been designed and engineered in Melbourne, Australia to overcome all of the issues found with other sit-stand desk converters.

Our product development process took over three years across 2015 to 2018, where we were extensively analysing all other sit-stand products on the market.

The MOVI Standing Desk has been granted design and mechanical patents across 50 countries as a result of our unique and innovative design.

These patents cover several regions including Australia, New Zealand, North America, South East Asia, UK and Europe to name the key regions.

Why is MOVI so unique?

MOVI is the only standing desk converter in the world that offers a completely flat, sturdy, spacious work area and is electric. Here our our best sit-stand features:

#1 Electric Height Adjustment
Eliminates risk of manual handling injury when lifting. It’s effortless to sit and stand often at the touch of a button with our patented, high-speed electric lift system.

#2 Spacious Flat Desktop
Gives you 4X more usable workspace area than others. The large workspace area let’s you work the way you want without any restrictions, it’s just like your existing desk.

#3 Ergonomic Suitability
Gives you more adjustment and a taller height range. Find your perfect standing height with precise 1cm increments and memory save, suiting people as tall 6ft 4”.

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MOVI Patents & Design Registrations

  • International Application Number: PCT/AU2017/050867
  • International Publication Number: WO 2018/045414 A1
  • Australian Patent Number: 2017254956
  • Australian Design Registration Number: 201711344
  • Canadian Patent Application Number: 3,034,590
  • Canadian Industrial Design Number: 176078
  • Chinese Patent Application Number: 2017800021550
  • Chinese Design Registration Number: ZL201730321081X
  • European Patent Application Number: 17847807.9
  • European Community Design Registration 004103778-0001
  • Hong Kong Patent Application Number: 18108232.1
  • New Zealand Design Registration Number: 423312
  • New Zealand Design Application Number: 423312
  • United States Patent Application Number: 15/571,766
  • United States Design Patent Application 29/616,683

'MOVI' is an international trademark in 50 countries around the world.

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