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Change it up and make your move today with MOVI's latest sit-stand desk design
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Stand up for your health
Beautifully designed, MOVI Standing Desks offer more space and comfortable lifting to unlock maximum performance.
Boosts productivity
Moving regularly stimulates blood flow + brain function, helping you to focus.
Improves health
Regular movement improves circulation, tones muscles + burns extra calories.
Enhances energy
Standing increases blood flow + boosts metabolism, making you feel energised.
Corrects posture
When standing, your spine strengthens, your chest is open and you breathe deeper.
Arrives fully assembled
MOVI sets up in seconds. Simply place onto your desk, plug in and away you go!
Large productive workspace
MOVI's unique patented design offers a spacious work area for your comfort.
Simple control panel
Effortlessly adjust to your preferred height with push button technology.
Strong stable lifting
MOVI’s automated lift system does all the heavy lifting for you, up to 15kgs.
Happy and healthy workplaces with MOVI

We're helping Aussies feel energised every day

Best standing desk i've ever had!
"I've used a few different standing desks and the MOVI desk is the best by far. Sturdy, simple and beautifully designed with the perfect amount of desktop space. Plus the simple plugin and use setup was too easy, MOVI team you've delivered an amazing product."
— George
Verified buyer
Amazing desk, wonderfully executed.
"MOVI is an outstanding desk. Superbly designed, no aspect of the product was not thought of. Strong, elegant, and highly functional. It has just the right footprint and moves up and down smoothly. Highly recommended!"
— Gareth
Verified buyer
Best standing desk on the market, by far
"I have been using standing desks for the best part of a decade. I recently purchased a MOVI Standing Desk as I realised I'm going to be working at home for some time."
— Tim J
Verified buyer
Beautiful quality desk
"Fantastic, beautiful, well made and quality. It’s great that it fits absolutely everything I need on my desk and it all goes up and down very smoothly at the touch of a button. The added USB ports are very handy as well."
— Janine
Verified buyer
The best stand up desk
"I have tried another stand up desk but the MOVI desk is by far the best, the desk style of MOVI allows greater use of the desk top and is incredibly sturdy when standing and using the MOVI desk, where I have found other styles bounce and move when standing there either typing or doing data entry."
— Sue L
Verified buyer
This is so awesome!
"Excellent quality in the production and it works a treat. Fast delivery with very easy to set up. Thank you Movi Team, for taking such care with your design. And, due to the relatively small and light design, will store easily in a wardrobe if I ever wanted to pack away the home office. It's a winner all round."
— CeCee
Verified buyer
Uplift your workspace
Designed and engineered in Melbourne, MOVI Lite is made from premium quality materials, including a wood finish benchtop and steel legs for extra strength and durability. Designed to uplift your workspace, MOVI creates an elegant and minimalistic feel.

Available in three colour options; natural wood benchtop with black or white accents, or an all-white design, you can create a workspace that is both aesthetically beautiful and highly functional.
Make light work
Equipped with a simple, easy to use control panel, our new MOVI Lite brings the standing experience back to basics. Simply press and hold the up and down arrows to automatically raise and lower your desk until you arrive at your desired height.

MOVI’s compact yet powerful, high-speed motor means none of the heavy lifting is on you!
Feel energised every day
At MOVI, the core of what we do is helping people improve their health. We imagine a world where going to work makes you feel better.

Our mission is to empower working humans, just like you, to make healthy lifestyle decisions and improve their wellness while they create. We are for the Makers and the Doers. Maximum productivity without compromise.

It's as easy as 1-2-3
1) Order online
2) Your items are delivered to your door, FAST!
3) Plug MOVI in and get standing

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Push and hold button technology to lift and lower
Steel frame and legs, powder coated in white or black
Maple wood benchtop in a natural or all white finish
Powerful and compact 18V motor
Elevated up to 44cm (17.5") above existing desk
Suitable for people from 5ft to 6ft 4"
Lifts up to 15kg (33lbs) of equipment
3.9cm (1.5")
Size (workspace)
115cm (45") x 70cm (27")
Size (footprint)
109cm (43”) x 52cm (21”)
15kg (33lbs)
Power Supply
110 - 240V AC power input
Load capacity
15kg (33lbs)

Get moving with MOVI today

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MOVI Lite — $599
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