Smart + Stylish Standing Desks.

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Convert your existing desk into a one-touch electric sit-stand desk with MOVI. Designed with a full-sized premium bamboo desktop that sets up in seconds.
Work hard (feel good).

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Perfect ergonomics

Made for every body.

You wouldn't wear shoes that 'almost' fit. That's why MOVI adjusts to exactly the height that's best for you and your spine. Our desks suit every body, shorter and tall from 5ft up to 6ft 4”, raising up to 44cm above your existing desk height.

Choose from more (24) digital height settings and save your favourite so you can quickly return to your ideal height setting. Your body will thank you for being ergonomic, every single time.

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Don't move
the furniture.

MOVI sets up onto your existing desk, fully
assembled out of the box. Simply plug into
power and you're ready to get standing.

MOVI raises vertically, taking up zero extra floor space. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to transform an entire workplace
with minimum fuss and without additional removal, installation and refit costs associated with full standing desks.

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Powered Electric lift

Let us do the
heavy lifting.

Don't strain your back raising and lowering a stand up desk. An electric lift is safer and the choice and recommendation of Occupational Therapists and health experts.

MOVI uses a high speed electric motor to lift two monitors, a laptop and your morning coffee all at
the press of single button. That's up to 20kg (44lbs) of stuff. No clunky springs, levers, wind up handles and awkward leaning required.

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large practical workspace

Designed to suit how you work.

MOVI is just like your existing desk, straight up. Loads more space than other available solutions, super stable and scratch resistant.

Whether you’re editing across multiple monitors, or illustrating by hand, we designed MOVI so that you could continue to work the way you do best without having to compromise for small, cluttered work areas.

Minimal elegant design

Fits your space, perfectly.

Say hi to a beautifully flat workspace. No keyboard trays or multiple levels interfering with your work.

MOVI's natural bamboo top sits flush to your desk when lowered (39mm / 1.5") and its clean minimal design blends right into your space to create an inspiring and productive work area. You'll barely notice it's there.

MOVI has been built to help you work at
your best, so we've packed it with a range of awesome features:

  • 2 X USB

At MOVI, we imagine a world where going to work at a desk makes you healthier.

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