5 Tips for Creating a Pain-Free Work-At-Home Station - Our Guide

By Daniel Angelini on September 10, 2021

In light of the situation that we’re all faced with, working from home has become the new normal for many people. This could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it, but one fact remains true regardless of your opinion: you need to create a workspace that’s good for your body so that you can continue to work effectively and without pain.

How can you do that? That’s what this article is about. Below, we’ll provide a few practical tips to ensure that you have a comfortable working environment in your own home to ensure that you stay productive and healthy.

  1. Ensure that you’re properly nourished and hydrated

A lack of nutrition could mean that your body aches are severely aggravated, which can be problematic especially when working at home as your usual routines are thrown out the window. To combat this, design your work station in a way that you have easy access to healthy snacks and lots of water.

  1. Take breaks to stretch, move around, and relax your eyes

Sitting in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time can bring forth many types of pain. Strained eyes, painful wrists, and numbness in your legs are all pretty common. Take 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes to an hour by moving around to stretch and relieve some of that pent up stress. You may also use an alarm to make sure you don’t forget.

  1. Maintain the right postural alignment

Most of the pains you’ll be experiencing will come from working with poor posture. Make sure you’re not slouching over or placing your head to close to the screen. You want to think in straight lines and right angles, which means you should keep your back vertical and your forearms perpendicular to it. Your legs shouldn’t be crossed and your feet should be flat on the floor. You can also try working in a standing position if you’d like.

  1. Have the right desk setup

You should also invest in quality chairs and desks to ensure that your body stays in proper alignment. A proper armrest can also be beneficial. This is because normal house furniture isn’t typically designed for prolonged use. You may also try a stand-up workspace as we suggested earlier. Using one will promote better posture for you, and it can be incredibly comfortable if you set it up correctly.

  1. Maintain good lighting and ventilation

Finally, you also have to think about the elements that extend beyond your workspace that all contribute to your comfort. Make sure you’re getting enough fresh, cool air into your home office whether by natural or artificial means. The same goes for lighting, as working in a dim environment can be extremely stressful for your vision.


Keep these tips in mind when designing your work-from-home office. Remember: you want to stay as healthy as you can be at this particular time, and one of the ways you can do that is to ensure your daily routine is contributing to your wellbeing.

If you’re looking to make your desk setup more conducive to work, we’ve got you covered. We sell adjustable stand-up desks in Australia, and we guarantee that they’ll make your work more comfortable than before. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to purchase one for yourself.