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The Benefits of Stand Up Desks

Welcome to MOVI, the most innovative retailer of stand-up desks in Australia! At MOVI our goal is to use the foundations of health science to change the way Australians approach their work/life balance. The benefits of using a stand up desk are numerous, but at times the idea of replacing your whole desk, or finding one that fits your personal style, can be difficult. That’s why we came up with the solution!

The sitting epidemic is a massive problem that has taken over the world; it also happens to be the title of MOVI’s co-founder Daniel Angelini’s book. When we say that we take health seriously, we mean it, and we focus on the research and do our homework, all to bring you the best possible product for your health and quality of life.

Sitting for more than 10 hours a day can increase the risk of heart disease by over 100%. Unfortunately, most of us live lives where we are required to be behind a desk at least 8 hours a day. That’s why investing in a stand up desk is so important.

The Best Stand Up Desk in Australia

Having the option to stand while you work even intermittently has been shown to improve health and efficiency. Unhealthy people take on average 16 more sick days a year than healthy ones, which can end up costing you money or even your job.

In addition to being great for your health, stand up desk are also incredibly helpful for productivity. Studies have shown that standing up while you work, even periodically, can increase productivity over 50% as well as increase engagement.

Human beings are designed to be upright; we are bipedal creatures, sitting especially for long periods of time is not what our bodies were meant to do.
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Australia's Favourite Stand Up Desk Online

We know that Australia's best stand up desk is the solution to a lot of the problems that a modern day lifestyle creates, especially in the workplace, but we also realise it’s not always feasible especially in the workplace to get a whole new workspace.

Our MOVI stand up desk is a platform that converts your existing desk into a stand-up desk without the hassle of having to remove and refit your existing office furniture. We’ve engineered our own lifting system that also has the capability to not only remember pre-set heights, but also send digital reminders, and be a functional piece of office equipment. Our stand up desks feature better ergonomics, dual monitor lifting capacity, energy saving capability and even USB outlets, all additions that our competitors just don’t have.

We are also proud of our strong commitment to the planet. We use bamboo for our products because it is a natural and renewable resource. We want to be as close to carbon neutrality as possible and we are fully committed to continuously sourcing eco-friendly materials, working on sustainable design and improving our supply chain.

Looking to Buy a Stand Up Desk with MOVI?

If you’re ready to start living a healthier life then look no further! You can shop with MOVI and buy a stand up desk online directly from our website. If you have a question, please feel free to have a live chat on our website with one of our professional and talented staff, or call 1800 931 887 if that’s more convenient for you. We look forward to helping you be a happier, healthier you!

No matter if you're in the market for a standing desk, a standing desk converter or an electric standing desk, know that MOVI your an all-in-one workspace solution.
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