Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Electric Standing Desks

An electric sit-stand desk does something really special. You’re freed from the usual constraints of your office and given the opportunity to increase your productivity and improve your health. The problem, until now, was the price and hassle of replacing your desk.

MOVI is Australia’s best-designed electric standing desk that offers all the benefits of a modern electric sit-stand desk, without replacing your existing one. Your new MOVI comes fully assembled and installs on existing desks. You’ll be boosting productivity in your office, without the hassle of rearranging and disrupting your office!

Experience The Difference with an Electric Stand-up Desk

MOVI is a masterpiece in design. Engineered in Australia, this exciting electric standing desk alternative is modern, stylish, and packed full of cool tech. The Power Pad on your new MOVI contains an 18V high-speed electric motor that offers safe and fast lifting. The user interface makes it easy to use, and its USB ports and programmable features make it an essential addition to any tech-savvy workplace.

With its beautiful bamboo bench top and smoother-than-smooth electric mechanism, you can change the height of your electric desk whenever you like. And when you decide to sit back down, that beautiful, environmentally-friendly bamboo top firmly mounts your desktop so you can go about all your business as normal.

You lose no space, you needn’t throw out your old desk, and frankly, it looks amazing. Oh, and it takes literally seconds to set up. What’s there to lose?
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Work While You Stand With Our Ergonomic Electric Desk

Even with the best office chair in the world, sitting for hours every day is bad for the body. Office workers who spend hours at their desk risk heart disease, bad posture, and stalled productivity. MOVI replaces your old routine and allows you to effortlessly transform your current desk to an electric stand up desk.

MOVI changes how you work, whether you’re an individual looking to improve your own performance, or an office manager trying to transform a stagnant and ineffective workplace.

Our Australian Electric Sit-Stand Desks

Great workers require a great workspace, and what better way to improve your office than walking in the footsteps of Leonardo DaVinci, Virginia Woolf, and Ernest Hemmingway? These three monumentally important thinkers all worked standing up, and MOVI draws from their wisdom.

Our amazing electric standing desk helps you and your colleagues reduce the effects of carpal tunnel, reduce blood pressure and fatigue, and improve core strength. Healthy workers are happy workers, and happy workers are efficient workers. MOVI creates a more productive, happy, and healthy work environment. And that changes everything.

Get Your Own MOVI Today

With a five-year warranty and no assembly required, MOVI is the simplest and easiest electric stand up desk solution on the market. For as little as $849, MOVI helps you improve your health and productivity, offers you four times more usable space than any other electric standing desk, and makes working fun again.

Order your very own MOVI today and see for yourself how this Australian-made office masterpiece can change how you work forever.

No matter if you're in the market for an adjustable standing desk, a sit stand desk or a stand up desk, know that MOVI your an all-in-one workspace solution.
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