your workspace.

MOVI converts your existing desk in seconds.

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for the office?

MOVI comes fully assembled out of the box and installs on existing
desks without any painful furniture rearranging. That means absolutely
minimal disruption to the workplace during setup.

With its natural bamboo top, and the choice of black or white finishes,
we guarantee you’ll love the look of MOVI in your workplace.

MOVI standing desk flat
Key Features MOVI Others
Spacious 115cm x 70cm workspace
One-touch automated lift with 24 height selections
Memory recall button for your standing height
Powerful electric motor that lifts 15kgs
Rock-solid, super-stable bench top you can lean on
5 year warranty meeting Australian safety standards
Built in move reminder + USB ports for charging
Elevates up to 44cm high suitable for people up to 6'4"
Sustainable, durable bamboo bench top

Get moving with MOVI today.
Easy as 1-2-3.

woman making notes at standing desk

Order online
& bulk discounts.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve
made everything available online.
We also have bulk discounts when
you order 5 or more desks. And we’re
always here if you want to chat!

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Delivered to your door FAST! 
We take care of it for you whether you 
order 1 or 100 desks. As soon as your 
order is on it’s way, we’ll send you your
tracking info so you can start the 
countdown until MOVI arrives.

woman in open plan office using standing desk

Plug in and get standing.
MOVI arrives fully assembled and ready to go. No need to spend time dismantling your existing set up and rewiring and reconfiguring your new set up. Just place it onto your desk, plug in and get standing.

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made simple.

MOVI was designed in collaboration with
health experts and tried by over 1000 users.
We've refined our stand up desk for
maximum comfort and usability.

When your team have the tools they love to
use, they’re happy, healthy, engaged and
perform at their best. Create better.

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Real people,
real service.

MOVI is backed by a 5 year warranty and has
been extensively tested for reliability over
12,000 times (that's 3 weeks non-stop!)

We're also a proud Australian design
company based in Melbourne. That means
we're close and on hand to deliver you the
support and service you need at any scale.

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