4 ways office design can influence and inspire you

By Daniel Angelini on August 20, 2019

Design surrounds our every waking moment, from bus-stop billboards to the coffee cups we drink from. Sometimes design works to bring us together, and sometimes it causes us to detach. But the consistent thread that runs through all design is that it has the ability to affect our moods more than we often realise. 

A good designer will consider the subtle ways that design affects our productivity, focus, and emotional well-being. An object or building that has been designed with the user in mind will always out-perform objects that are not user-friendly. 

Without discounting aesthetics, user-friendly design that is both beautiful and functional is the ultimate end-goal. We only have to look to Apple as an example of the power design has to change our behaviour when form and function combine.

So when it comes to how productively you work, what role does the design of the objects that surround you have? Innovative companies have been increasingly coming around to the importance of environment for workplace satisfaction and employee well-being. 

Here are some of the key design features your office environment should have. 


Green space is actually proven to be a health-restoring feature. In fact, the health risks for those existing in lower socio-economic groups have been proven to be lessened in cities where there is abundant greenery for all to enjoy. In offices, plants act as a mental balm, encouraging a calm state of mind and a chance to feel reconnected to nature - especially important for office workers in city blocks or those who can’t access fresh air for most of the day. 


2. Clean Surfaces

When it comes to clutter, less is most definitely more. Free space equals a free mind, unfettered by useless pieces of paper or half-chewed pencils. So it’s important to keep your desk space clean, minimal, and tidy! That’s why we designed MOVI to be large enough for all your necessities, yet minimal enough in its design to encourage clarity and a productive mind. The less you have to distract yourself, the better!



There are numerous studies that suggest seratonin (the hormone that makes us happy) is increased when we surround ourselves with soft edges, curves, and tactile surfaces. Hard, sharp edges will only encourage us to feel anxious and on edge - literally! We designed MOVI to have softened edges and rubberised feet so that your desk is as friendly as possible and therefore maximises your mood. 


4.Dynamic Flexibility

Choice is the ultimate luxury. Being able to dictate how we work means we have more control over our working day. Having the ability to stand or sit means that you can slowly make the transition to a more active working day. This is why we designed MOVI to have controls at your finger tip, so that you can elevate your desk at the touch of a button when you want, for as long as you want. It’s as easy as that.