MOVI Dual Monitor Arm
MOVI Dual Monitor Arm

MOVI Dual Monitor Arm

The ergonomically designed MOVI Dual Monitor Arm is made to the highest quality standards and combines sleek, minimal design and innovative features to match your office decor and improve your health.

○ Dual monitors up to 30" each
○ Portrait to landscape screen rotation
○ Monitor tilt and 360 degrees swivel

○ VESA 75*75 and 100*100 compatible
○ 400mm post height
○ 8kg weight capacity
○ Easy seated or standing adjustment
○ Ergonomic design and function

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    What are the benefits of using a Dual Monitor Arm?

    A Dual Monitor arm is a strong but flexible ergonomic arm that supports your monitors. It allows you to adjust the height, angle and position of your monitors, to help create the perfect setup for your sit-stand workspace. We all adopt a different position relative to our screen whether we are standing or sitting, so being able to adjust your monitor to suit your sit-stand needs is very important. By creating the ideal workspace environment, monitor arms can improve posture, prevent eye-strain, and reduce neck and back pain. This can lead to increased productivity, enhanced focus, better health and can even reduce stress.

    How Do You Set It Up?
    Simply clamp the Dual Monitor Arm onto the back of the MOVI desk and tighten from the top down. The MOVI Dual Monitor Arm has no bolts exposed beneath the MOVI desk (it is a flush C shaped clamp that wraps around the back of your MOVI). So you are able to continue to lower your MOVI flush against your existing desk when seated. It takes about 5-10 minutes to install. A set of instructions and tools are included in the box if you have any issues!
    Can I use another Monitor Arm with my MOVI Desk?

    Most other Monitor Arms have a long bolt and clamp to secure the arm to your desk. This poses an issue when lowering your MOVI Desk to a seated position as your MOVI Desk sits completely flush against your existing desk. As there is no clearance to allow for this long bolt at the back, we recommend using our MOVI Monitor Arm with your MOVI Desk as it allows your MOVI desk to lower completely flush against your existing desk.

    Can the Dual Monitor Arm be set up for any monitor?

    Our Dual Monitor Arms are suitable to hold up to 30" monitors on each arm. The monitor arm comes as a complete set and is able to mount both 75mm and 100mm VESA plates (ie. monitors with 4 screw holes at the back of the screen). If you have any questions as to if your monitor arm will fit, feel free to send in photos of the back of your monitor to and one of our friendly staff would be happy to assist!

    Can the MOVI Dual Monitor Arm be used with one monitor?

    Our Dual Monitor Arms can be used with just one monitor or two. To use your monitor arm with just one monitor, simply remove one of the arms from the monitor mount. Both arms are flexible and can move 360 degrees so you will be able to place the one monitor directly in front of you horizontally or vertically so that you can work comfortably with one!


    What our customers are saying

    I have used a few standing desks over the past few years.
    The Movi Desk is the best one by far. It’s aesthetically
    very nice and the motorised mechanism to raise and
    lower it makes it very easy to use, particularly for women -
    simply press the button and that’s it. Very happy!

    Kylie - Associate Professor from Hepburn VIC

    Having used various standing desks for the past 10 years,
    when it was time to renew the one at home I undertook
    considerable research. Having made a decision on the
    MOVI desk I can’t speak highly enough of both the
    product and service. Well worth the investment.

    Sean - Freelancer from Connolly WA

    This is the only standing desk I have found that is all
    on one level so therefore it mimics my current desk set
    up so there has been no need to change the way I work…
    except for standing of course :)

    Natalie - Eyemedics from Wayville SA

    The MOVI has provided me with the best solution I could
    find in a sit-stand solution without a complete change
    out of my existing workspace.

    Rod H.

    "MOVI is the best standup desk I have ever
    used. Simple, elegant and well designed"

    Michael O

    MOVI is AWESOME - good looking, effortless, flexible -
    and achieves more than what I was hoping for.

    Michael R

    This is the best looking and most functional
    standing desk on the market in my view.

    Peter A

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