3 Ways Height-Adjustable Desks Enhance Productivity at Work

By Daniel Angelini on January 21, 2020
A typical office job involves spending the better part of your working hours seated in a chair. This sedentary routine is not only uncomfortable for employees but also makes offices question the role of chairs. After all, research reveals that 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their career, which can lead to:
  • A switched-off core
  • Weight gain
  • Strained skeletal muscles
  • Compressed and stressed vertebrae
  • Shortens hip flexor muscles
  • Lack of nutrition to the brain

All the detrimental side-effects can happen all due to a lack of suitable chairs, which is why it’s critical to invest in height-adjustable desks that will allow employees to select a working position that suits their body.

You will be surprised how good posture affects your employees’ health, which is a fundamental element necessary to their productivity. To that end, here are four ways a height-adjustable desk can supercharge productivity at work:

1. Supports Comfortable Standing Positions at Work

The placement of the feet and arms are critical to an optimal position at work, which is why investing in desks with an adjustable height is necessary. Too high of a desk will result in excess pressure to the back of your knees, while too low will place force onto your thighs. To that end, the standard height that is comfortable for most people allows the arms to sit agreeably with the height of the office desk.

2. Provides Lumbar Support

The state of the spine is crucial to the comfort level of the user, which can mar or mar an employee’s productivity rate and overall health. For that reason, sit-stand desks are designed with back support in mind as standing naturally eases pressure on the intervertebral discs of your posterior.

A lack of support will cause the seated person to slouch, which results in a strained lower spine if left unchecked. Therefore, a desk must have lumbar support that adjusts both height and depth. This will allow each user to tune each position according to what the body needs—whether it is to support the inward curve of the back while sitting or to make work easier while standing.

3. Caters to Everyone

Height-adjustable desks encourage the management to cater to a wide variety of workers—from young graduates to experts—instead of forcing one or two fixed desk configurations. The adaptability allows users to work in their optimal “neutral posture,” which is a position where the body is at its most efficient.

With that in mind, having the option to sit or stand at work can reduce fatigue and regulate the flow of energy within the body. It also maximizes comfort as the working station can shift according to what the worker needs at the moment, minimizing injury in the long run.

In Conclusion

An unsupportive desk can confer excruciating neck, hip, and back pain, all of which can compromise employees’ cognitive functions, productivity, and overall well-being. For that reason, investing in a high-quality height-adjustable desk that promotes different working positions is critical to enhancing the productivity of your team.

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