4 ways to get you moving while you work

By Daniel Angelini on June 08, 2019

Becoming active in the workplace can increase focus, clarity and productivity as you’re increasing the amount of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. And that’s a fact!

Not only that, it’s also scientifically proven to improve your mood and increase your happiness, simultaneously decreasing our stress levels.

Why wouldn’t you want to move more with these statistics?

Today technology and fast-paced lifestyles means we’re on the go but often sitting, being physically inactive; it’s our modern sedentary life. We encourage you to try these simple ways to increase your amount of movement throughout your day.

You can start today with the following tips.

1. Stand-up when you take phone calls.

The phone ringing can be a great prompter to remind you to stand. Use it like an alarm and move about while you talk. Time to move.

2. Walk over to a co-worker to talk rather than emailing.

Apart from the fact that interacting face to face can create improved workplace relations, having the opportunity to move rather than send an email helps to negate the impact that sitting can have on your lower back.

3. Have walking or standing meetings.

Walk while you talk, getting the heart rate up and everyone moving. For an added bonus, head outside to enjoy some sunshine and increased serotonin levels that boosts your mood. Moving can help you think more clearly too.

4. Drink from a water glass so that you need to go and refill it during the day.

This not only encourages you to get your 8 glasses of water necessary to keep you hydrated, you’ll also have the gain of increasing your movement levels more often. Win-win.

We’re all about collaboration here at MOVI. Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve implemented at your office to get you moving? We’d love to hear from you.

For more info on ways to get moving in your workplace check out our eBook, ‘The Sitting Epidemic’. (link to book page)

Happy moving!

Daniel & Team MOVI