Why we love standing!

By Daniel Angelini on September 27, 2017

When we discovered the impact that standing has on our bodies and minds, we were determined to incorporate it regularly into our lives.

Do you know that standing and moving during your day increases your longevity and also improves your mood?

It’s so simple. Why wouldn’t you want to get more active?

Scientists and health experts concur that we should be sitting for only a minimum of 4 hours per day, so getting mobile in the workplace where we spend the predominant amount of our time has a large impact on our long term health and well-being.

Let’s look at all the benefits standing can bring into your life.

Brain Productivity

Movement brings blood flow to the brain and helps you to think with more clarity and focus.  Our oxygen levels increase which elevates our concentration levels, in turn this allows for greater creativity and an enhanced ability to problem solve.

Tone & Physique

Muscle activity is 2.5 times higher when you stand, and it increases your energy expenditure, burning up more calories and elevating your metabolic rate.  So, if you want a toned and healthy physique, get moving.

Back Strength

Standing for regular intervals improves your spinal health.  Changing your posture regularly is necessary for your musculoskeletal system that helps your joints, your back, and also contributes to improving the engagement of your abs and glutes, necessary to support your spine.

Improved Circulation

An upright posture allows for your lungs to increase their capacity and gives space for deeper breathing.  This improves your blood flow circulation, carrying oxygen and nutrients to your cells to keep them vital, and your energy high.


Your cardiovascular health is one of the keys to your longevity, and when you stand it benefits your heart, as well as your other organs, helping you to have a stronger immune system and reduced risk of disease.


And saving the best till last… we all love to be happy and standing elevates your mood, you have more energy, and overall a more positive sense of wellbeing.

So how can you get moving, especially if you have a desk job?

Have walking meetings, go and chat to a colleague rather than send an email, move while you’re on the telephone, invest in a stand-up desk, and encourage your work buddies to be active at lunchtime with a group activity you can all enjoy.

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Dan & The Movi Team


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