Why Standing Desks Are Worth The Investment - What to Know

By Daniel Angelini on February 19, 2020

If you have a 9-5 job and are confined within the four walls of an office, chances are, you live a sedentary lifestyle. You're probably hunched over your desk for longer than you wish, and you barely have the time to move around during the workday as you try and finish all your tasks. But did you know that sitting too much is considered a health risk? 

When you sit for prolonged periods with minimal movement, you're only increasing your risks of acquiring chronic health problems, including spikes in blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Habitual inactivity is harmful, you should be avoiding it at all costs.

But then again, working a job that requires standing for extended periods also comes with several health concerns. You raise your risks of cardiovascular disease, back pain, clogged arteries, varicose veins, and more. 

So, where does one find the balance? How can you prevent sitting too much and vice versa? A simple solution would be to invest in standing desks.

What is a standing desk?

Movement is key to staying healthy, and the best thing to do is to frequently alternate between sitting and standing. Standing desks can help in accomplishing this, as it helps the individual configure their desk to their specific needs. 

Also called a sit-to-stand desk, a standing desk is a type of table that allows you to stand up as you work. There are many iterations of standing desks — electric or pneumatic — but the common denominator is that they're adjustable to cater to the needs of the person using it.

While standing desks do not singlehandedly solve the problem of chronic inactivity, it at least aids in negating the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

Benefits of having a standing desk

If you find that you're sitting too much during the workday, it's worth looking into investing in a standing desk. Here's why:

It can help improve your posture.

Slouching all the time? Prolonged sitting may be a huge factor. Standing while working can help improve your posture as it places your computer screen at eye level. You will be staring directly at your computer, preventing you from hunching. Plus, when you stand, you're also relieving stress on your neck and shoulders.

Your mood and energy levels will improve.

One study found out that workers who use standing desks experience less stress and fatigue compared to those who remained seated during the entirety of the workday. 87% of the same group of people also reported an increase in energy levels, all attributed to the standing desk. Once they returned to their old routine of sitting all day, they found that their mood reverted to the normal levels.

You will be healthier.

As already mentioned, standing desks can help you become healthier. Sedentary lifestyles are often linked to chronic diseases. When you opt to use a standing desk, you'll be spending more time on your feet and lower your chances of acquiring sickness. 

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