Introducing MOVI’s Journey - Our Origins and Other Stories

By Daniel Angelini on December 01, 2020

Today’s workers are constantly on the go and yet glued to their workstations. Every second of the day is dedicated to tasks of productivity, and the never-ending need to stay on top of your game. While the idea of productivity is always a welcome thought, modern workers now suffer detrimental health problems. The constant need to produce and learn has resulted in little to no sleep and sitting down in front of a computer all day long has introduced backaches and soreness like never before.

From that increasing problem came MOVI, the brand dedicated to bringing health and happiness back to the workplace. We believe that we can help the world house healthier and stronger workers, and today we proudly talk about our journey and how we’ve helped people from all walks of life, in and out of the country.

This is our story and our beloved customers, a testament to the movement we now hold dear. Sit back, relax, and enjoy how we MOVI came to be, and how we can be of further service—especially to you.

Where it all started

MOVI started with Dan’s pain—literally and figuratively. His dad suffered from a prolapsed intervertebral disc, despite being undeniably active and strong. At just 56 years old, Dan further underwent a complex spinal surgery, cutting away at bones for decompression. Later, they realized that such an instance happened due to one crucial and often overlooked fact: his father spends up to 12 hours sitting down.

In time, Dan developed acute sciatica on his left leg, which is characterized by pinching of the nerve. No matter his fitness regimen and therapy, sitting all day has allowed his muscles to become weak and disengaged, rendering him unable to perform physical activities—it took two painful years to heal, he from then on, he vowed to turn things around not just for his life, but the rest of the world willing to listen.

MOVI’s mission

Although the world has become a whirlwind of work meetings and life survival, we believe we can change the world by integrating health into the workplace. We’ve done this for over a thousand clients in just three years, and our burning passion remains burning.

We want to create a world where people remain strong and healthy despite a vibrant lifestyle and ultimately, a healthy and happy society. Through our products, we’ve changed the landscape of the workplace forever—and we’re working hard to stay in the momentum of change.

MOVI’s happy and healthy clients

We’ve served freelancers and Australian business alike, believing that health transcends beyond the carefully structured corporate world. Here’s what our clients have to say about MOVI:

Daniel, a verified reviewer, has shared the following sentiments:

“Such a gamechanger -- the MOVI workspace desk is a beautifully designed and functional WFH essential!

I've worked in a number of environments over the last 5 years that have offered standing-desk or alternative ergonomic solutions and so with absolute confidence and conviction, I can say this is an absolute game-changer and is light years ahead of the options. Such a gamechanger -- the MOVI workspace desk is a beautifully designed and functional WFH essential! immediately appreciate how well-considered and innovative the design and engineering is. The setup has been complimented (immensely) from friends and colleagues so I have a lot of pride referring and recommending others to use it. Easily the best WFH purchase for this period and the best health/wellbeing purchase for my life and longevity :) Great work to the team at MOVI!”

SSusanne S., on the other hand, expresses happiness the product has brought her:


As I have chronic neck problems, I was wanting to alternate between sitting and standing. I had an existing desk so the MOVI Standing Desk was a great option. It works really well and I would highly recommend it.”

Matt A shares how MOVI has helped improve his general health and posture issues:

“Absolutely amazing, my posture, back and general health loved me for getting a Movi!

Awesome desk design, and with it being the entire desk not just a small part of it, it allows you so much more freedom. Add in the simplicity of plugging it in and playing the desk is perfect.

I've moved my office a couple of times now and I can just pick it up and go. I use my Movi most days and found that when I had two weeks working. Absolutely amazing, my posture, back and general health loved me for getting a Movi!om home without it my back (which seizes up regularly) and my concentration levels didn't feel right. It made me realise that the desk was well worth the investment for my health and wellbeing every day.

Get one, you won't be disappointed.”

Bill B. also shares the joy brought about by MOVI’s products:

“Beautiful and effective product

What a beautiful product you have designed – elegant, simple, effective. Love it. I looked for ages to find something like this and am very glad that I didn’t hit ‘buy’ on one of the many competitors. I’ve installed it in a home office with a large custom desk designed with corner configuration, it works beautifully. The large desk space, ease of opening. Beautiful and effective production and attractive bamboo work surface all do the trick. I purchased after sustaining a recent lower back injury and needed something to allow me to keep working, plus assist in preventing recurrence. I feel confident that my purchase (V2) is the answer. Many thanks to Daniel and all the design team at MOVI, and good luck in taking on the market with your fab product.”

Micheal R. ran into MOVI by accident, but has been converted forever:


So glad I ran into this product quite by accident as I was looking for a standing desk that was recommended I get by a specialist treating me for issues with neck and shoulder pain. MOVI is AWESOME - good looking, effortless, flexible - and more than achieves what I was hoping for. I’m noticing the improvement in how I feel and other benefits suchRead more about review stating MOVI - THE BEST! as work concentration after only 1 week! Highly recommend this product and also glad to support a new Aussie company - great work!”

MOVI, serving you the best standing desk setup

Our company came into being due to pain and unimaginable disadvantages, but with it came something that has changed the world. A healthy workspace seemed quite difficult to attain, but with our burning passion and mission to keep the hustle healthy, we’ve managed to change the status quo. Going forward, our goals will remain—and we’ll continue prioritising health and wellness, through our products that have already helped thousands of others.

To get your own standing desk in Australia, MOVI has you covered. We convert your existing desk into a smart and automated standing desk in seconds, keeping you away from bad postures, pain, and other health concerns. Join the health movement—order yours today!