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How Our Sedentary Lifestyle Contributes to Unhealthiness

Today, people’s lifestyles are a result of the previous decades’ boom in technological development. Because of globalization and automation, many tasks are no longer performed by hand. Post-industrial society is largely sedentary; its economic and recreational activities are no longer...
people in a coworking space
5 Min Read

Time to get moving but what's stopping us?

This blog post could have been titled something like, "We all know it's difficult to break an old habit" but admittedly, changing our behaviour can be the quickest and easiest way to start enjoying the benefits of moving more in the office and reducing...
woman walking on pavement
8 Min Read

Why we love standing!

When we discovered the impact that standing has on our bodies and minds, we were determined to incorporate it regularly into our lives. Do you know that standing and moving during your day increases your longevity and also improves your mood? It’s so...
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