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5 Tips to Get the Best Use of Your Movi Standing Desk Setup

With ergonomics as the centre of discussion in providing the best work desk setup possible, there’s no better way to improve your posture than through investing in a standing desk setup. Now that many people are working from home instead...
How to Set Up the Ultimate Home Office - Our Guide
6 Min Read

How to Set Up the Ultimate Home Office - Our Guide

Working from home is becoming more of an option for many companies today. There are many benefits to having a distributed office. Furthermore, in light of the adjustments businesses must make regarding keeping their workforce safe from COVID-19, working remotely is a...
How To Transition Safely To Using A Standing Desk
4 Min Read

How To Transition Safely To Using A Standing Desk

So you’re one step closer to being a stander. Soon you’ll start experiencing the benefits! Please NOTE: Incorrect use of a standing desk can cause harm. Everyone is different. It’s no different to going to the gym and using the weights incorrectly,...
corner of standing desk
4 Min Read

How To Guide: Software Update Your MOVI Desk

MOVI is not your average standing desk. It’s a smart standing desk with the ability to store data and update its software, much like your phone. We are constantly on the move striving to make the best standing desk possible with new...
man adjusting standing desk

How To Guide: Getting Started with MOVI

Welcome to an active workday! So you've just received your new MOVI Standing Desk. Congratulations and welcome to the stand up revolution for better health! We know you're keen to get standing asap. We've been there too but we'd love for you to understand the key...
desk with coffee and paper

How To Guide: Achieving the ideal desk setup

This was blog was updated in August, 2020 In this guide you will learn: The importance of ergonomics Coronavirus and the new office How to set up your desk at home vs the office How to achieve the best standing desk setup...
woman using standing desk

How To Guide: Transitioning to a standing desk

So your MOVI Standing Desk has arrived and you're pumped to start seeing and experiencing the benefits that go with standing and moving more while you work. Plus you're keen to start using all the new features! We would be too.We know just...
woman using computer at standing desk
4 Min Read

How To Guide: Choosing the right standing desk

We all agree that to be at your most productive, you need the right set up, equipment, space and freedom to move and spread out... add some coffee in and you're all set! Drawing on the concept of Feng Shui, it's very hard...
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