How To Guide: Getting Started with MOVI

By Daniel Angelini on November 02, 2018

Welcome to an active workday!

So you've just received your new MOVI Standing Desk. Congratulations and welcome to the stand up revolution for better health!

We know you're keen to get standing asap. We've been there too but we'd love for you to understand the key features first so you get the most out of your brand new MOVI Standing Desk.

Start slowly and gradually

When first getting started, we remind you to alternate between sitting and standing regularly. Over time, gradually, you can stand for longer however, at the very beginning it can be quite stressful on your body if you shift from being completely seated to standing all day long without first building up and preparing your body for it. Check out our blog: How To Guide: Transitioning to a standing desk for more info.

Please note that MOVI can lift up to 20kgs (44lbs) of equipment. This is roughly, two monitors, plus your laptop, plus books/files whatever you use. It can definitely lift a lot.

MOVI's Features and Set Up

Let's get started by taking you through some of MOVI's key features:

  1. Up/Down: Press and hold the Up or Down arrow, then release to raise or lower MOVI. Press any button to stop moving. 
  2. LED Display: Once you press Up to the right height for you (see below for tips on ergonomic height), MOVI's LED Display will show you in cms or inches your selected standing height.  Choose between cm or inches in the Main Menu. 
  3. Main Menu: To access the Main Menu, press and hold the Up and Down arrows together.
  4. Memory Save: Once you're at your favourite standing height, press and hold the MOVI leaf button to preset this height. Then simply toggle between standing or sitting with one press. 

Simple as that.

Some tips for great ergonomics

  1. Raise your MOVI Standing Desk to a height where your elbows are at 90 degrees
  2. After 30-40 minutes of standing, take a sitting break or move around (change your posture regularly)
  3. When starting out, aiming for 1-2 hours total standing time per day is an easy way to transition
  4. Be mindful of footwear, particularly high heels which can compromise standing posture

We hope you love your new desk and enjoy the benefits of moving more throughout your workday! If you have any specific questions, we are always here to help.