How To Guide: Transitioning to a standing desk

By Nadia Angelini on August 30, 2018

So your MOVI Standing Desk has arrived and you're pumped to start seeing and experiencing the benefits that go with standing and moving more while you work. Plus you're keen to start using all the new features! We would be too.

We know just how exciting it can be to have a new gadget to play with BUT, we definitely want this experience to be the best it can be for you, no injuries, so just a word of caution before you begin your standing regime:

Everyone is different. It’s no different to going to the gym and using the weights incorrectly, e.g. loading up too much weight for your ability. So, as much as we'd love to, we can't give you a solid, set number of standing hours per day for you to achieve, there are only guidelines. This would be like saying there is only one gym workout program everyone in the world must do.

Starting Out = Transitioning

When transitioning to a standing desk, please start slowly, and build up your standing hours gradually. As an example, it took our Co-Founder, Dan 3 to 4 weeks to build up to 6 hours of standing a day while working, but everyone is different. Remember not to stand all the time, but to increase upon what you are already doing each day/week, whatever works for you and your body. 

So roughly how many standing hours is right for you?

This is not a one-size-fits all approach. Depending on factors such as fitness, age, strength, physique and prior injuries, the amount of standing time you can tolerate each day will vary from person to person. If you’re standing and feel tired or sore, that’s an indication that it’s time to move, stretch or sit. But if all is well with your body, you might start out by incorporating 1 hour of standing during your workday, and work towards 4-5 hours a day. This should be broken up regularly into smaller intervals. We definitely don't recommend standing without moving for 5 hours!

What should I expect when I start to stand?

If you’re used to the regular office day of 8+ hours sitting at work and in transit, then for the first 2 - 3 weeks it’s highly likely that you’ll feel some discomfort in your feet, legs and possibly lower back. This improves over time but definitely don't push yourself too hard until you've had time to adjust. But, you'll also notice lots of positive changes, like improved energy, an uplifted mood, better breathing and more mental clarity.

So to put it simply:


  • Start slowly
  • Do as much as you can tolerate
  • Regularly change posture and move
  • Always consider correct ergonomics and posture
  • Change your posture every 20-40 minutes whether standing or sitting
  • Listen to your body! Any signs of strain or discomfort? Change it up!
  • Use flat shoes when you stand (no high heels!)
  • Distribute your weight evenly across both feet, when standing
  • Stand with your feet at least shoulder width apart


  • Suddenly stand 8 hours a day as soon as you receive MOVI!
  • Push through to unrealistic standing time goals when you start
  • Stand still or forget to change postures. Our timer will help with that!
  • Use incorrect non-ergonomic heights for your workspace and monitor
  • Wear heels when standing, they compromise your posture

Note: If you have any existing injuries or medical conditions please see your GP or a qualified practitioner just to make sure you're all good to go before starting to use a standing desk.

And finally, enjoy standing! And move more.

Please let us know how you go. We love to hear feedback and build a community for everyone to share their experiences.

Good luck!



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