How To Guide: Software Update Your MOVI Desk

By Daniel Angelini on November 16, 2018

MOVI is not your average standing desk. It’s a smart standing desk with the ability to store data and update its software, much like your phone. We are constantly on the move striving to make the best standing desk possible with new features and improvements. To enjoy these cool new features, you may be asked to do a quick software update. And by quick, we mean it will only take you 30 seconds! 

USB charger on standing desk

How To Firmware Flash Your MOVI Desk

  1. Copy the firmware file onto a USB stick. 
  2. Unpower the desk by disconnecting the jack. 
  3. Insert the USB stick into the left USB port. 
  4. Press and hold the leaf button. 
  5. While holding the leaf button, reconnect the power jack. 
  6. Continued to hold the leaf button for 3 seconds. 
  7. Let go of the leaf button. 
  8. The screen should be blank for 10 seconds then it will start up. 
  9. After you see MOVI, you can disconnect the USB.

Having Issues Loading?

Consider these things:

  • Some USB file systems may not be readable by the desk (i.e. use FAT32 or exFAT) 
  • Some USB flash drives may not be readable (sometimes with USB3) 
  • The file being loaded must be named Movi_main_app.hex

Always Double Check!

To confirm that you have correctly loaded the new software onto the deck, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold up + down together and this will open the menu.
  • Press down to scroll to the ABOUT menu option.
  • Press the leaf button and the latest APP version should scroll across the screen.
  • The latest APP version is 1.5.2

Voila! Your MOVI Desk is now updated. 

To obtain the latest file, please email us at




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