Our body is designed to stand and move, here's why

By Daniel Angelini on August 13, 2019

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose” – Charles Eames

Design influences us on every level, even though we rarely think about it; however, form, function and style are imperative to create a product that has an impact on our user experience.

At Movi we set ourselves a high benchmark when designing our stand-up desk, and took our cues from Element by Tokujin Yoshioka, a collection of designer tables that defy gravity, the 4-Dots table by Nomess Copenhagen, and of course everything by Apple… need we say more.

We didn’t want to be just good enough, we wanted to stand out from the crowd; and our aim was to create the most ergonomic, elegant and spacious standing desk top platform in the world.

Just like the human body that was designed to naturally stand, our desk-top had to accommodate our physical needs with intelligent features that embraced all our individual qualities.

After in-depth research and a lot of experimentation, our product was created with these 7 must haves for ‘perfect’ design

Refined Design: an aesthetic that will enhance office spaces and entice use.

Ergonomic: infinitely adjustable platform to allow a truly ergonomic setup.

Spacious: a primary working area that is unencumbered by anything unnecessary.

Desktop Add On: an affordable platform easily retrofitted to an existing office desk.

Extra Low Profile: a slim construction to sit seamlessly on a current worktop.

Simple Adjustability: making it quick and seamless to move between sitting and standing regularly.

Sustainable: use sustainably sourced materials that can regenerate.

With all this in mind we enlisted the top engineers and designers in Australia to craft a sophisticated desktop, that with the single touch of a button elevates the platform with a quiet, high speed electric motor to move you between sitting and standing.

Knowing that every person is different, leading scientific and health experts, including occupational therapists, spinal health and neurosurgeons were consulted, to ensure that the ergonomics were developed to fit to the correct height for your body; and we even built in memory save so that it remembers your physical requirements.

We were also mindful that good design doesn’t shout, it should elegantly fit into its surroundings, and the sustainably sourced natural wood materials with black and white finishes, and soft rubber feet, seamlessly fits into your current design space. A USB charger and built in timer give it the integrated smarts we need in our busy lifestyle, and in the future smartphone apps will also become a part of our unique technology.

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