10 reasons why you should start using a standing desk today

By Daniel Angelini on July 30, 2019

There’s an app for just about every facet of your self-improvement journey, and yet we still struggle to fit exercise and good nutrition into each day. We are often bombarded with so much information about health and wellbeing that it can be hard to know where to begin. When we’re overwhelmed, it’s best to think about the most efficient, practical, and beneficial ways of improving our lives. 

You might have heard about standing desks and written them off as just another trend without the legs to last. But we’re here to tell you that not only are standing desks the most effective way of transforming your well-being, they’re here to stay. Coming soon to an office near you! 

Here are 10 reasons why you need to invest in a standing desk converter (because we know you like to stay ahead of the curve)...


1. You’ll be more productive:
There have been many studies into how standing while working improves focus and therefore productivity. And the reason is simple. When you stand, blood flow to your brain increases. This stimulates brain function and helps you to laser in on tasks. Being sedentary reduces blood flow to the brain and oxygen level in the blood, making you less alert. 


2. You’ll quite probably lose weight:
When we sit, we use minimal energy. It’s no wonder that office workers find it hard to stave off the kilos given their sedentary days. Standing increases energy and blood flow, burning more calories in the process. The more you stand, the more your muscles are engaged which, over time, boosts metabolism. In fact, standing for 3 hours a day burns 30,000 calories a year on average. Imagine what that could mean for you physique.


3. Your back will thank you:
As time goes on, sitting all day will not only weaken your abdominal muscles, it will also often cause debilitating back pain. Poorly designed chairs, bad posture, and a frankly unnatural state of sedentariness will eventually add up to back issues and a pricey osteopathy bill. When standing, your abdominals are engaged and supporting your lower back. Our bodies were designed to move - sitting is an unnatural state! 


4. Your energy will improve:
Ever feel the 4pm slump coming on after a long day sitting at your desk? It can be combated. In a recent study found 87% of people using a standing desk reported that they felt more energised and invigorated throughout the day. At the completion of the 7 week trial, they returned to sitting at their desks all day and found their overall mood and energy levels reverted back to what they originally experienced.


5. Your posture will straighten up:
Huddling over our desks with hunched shoulders and a craned neck as the day wears on. But all that poor posture carries over into your everyday life, which is no surprise given the hours we log at the desk. A standing desk encourages you to stand tall, with your shoulders back. Ergonomics is key to ensure good posture and ultimately, fewer body aches and pains.


6. Happiness ensues:
A very positive by-product of standing more is that mood is shown to improve. When energy levels are improved and overall well-being is bettered, anxiety levels should drop. More concretely, those who spend an overwhelming portion of their day inactive have been proven to be more prone to depression and anxiety. 


7. Reduces risk of disease:
Incorporating more movement and standing into your day helps your body to normalise blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of chronic illness. Prolonged sitting can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, and cancer. By standing more, fitness is improved contributing to a longer and healthier life. 


8. Engagement Rises:
Engagement suffers when employees come to work but are not performing at full potential as a result of poor health, poor work-life balance or high-stress levels. This is also known as presenteeism. You’re there, but really you’re not there. Ever experienced that? In Australia, presenteeism costs employers 6.5 working days of productivity per employee annually. Healthy employees are almost 3 times more productive than their unhealthy employees. Give yourself an edge: start standing more.


9. Job Satisfaction Increases:
Great employers need great employees who are happy and engaged with their role. If employers provide the tools for their employees to be healthy and happy, employee retention is higher and relationships can thrive. Studies have shown that employees using standing desks experience positive physical and emotional benefits, all leading to a greater sense of job-place satisfaction.


10. They’re affordable:
Gone are the days where new concepts cost a fortune. Incorporating more standing into your daily routine with the use of stand up desk is arguably the most affordable way of investing in your health. With the MOVI sit stand desk converter, you can have elegant design and perfect ergonomics without a huge price tag.