Use the Right Tech to Organise your Tasks and Projects

By Daniel Angelini on August 17, 2020

There are so many tech tools and apps to choose from these days, the problem isn’t finding one, it’s finding the right one for what you need. To help you save time, here is our list of app essentials to help give you some productivity boosts.

Get your tasks, to-do lists and projects organised with Asana and Trello. These are two of the best choices and most commonly used tools for getting organised. You can also collaborate with your teams so you can centralise all of your work, attach files, links and get notified when someone posts an update to a task.

Make light work of booking meetings and appointments with Calendly.
Share your calendar availability by setting up a Calendly link for your calendar, setting up meeting time slots and then allowing people to book a time directly into your calendar. No more email and voicemail tag needed to set that meeting up!

Stay in touch with your teams when you’re working remotely.
There are so many options to choose for this, so here is our shortlist.

  • Zoom - Rock-solid one-to-one video calls and group video conferencing.
  • Slack - It’s like Messenger on steroids. Chat, share, collaborate, call. it’s all possible.
  • Microsoft Teams - Teams lets you work and communicate collaboratively.

Store everything in the cloud and never lose a file again. If you still save things to your hard drive, it’s time to meet Google Drive and Dropbox. These are both the leaders in document storage. Google Drive has the added benefit of Google Apps, which lets you create documents and collaborate on them remotely. Plus their file search is spot on, making it easy to find things when you can’t remember where you filed them!

Get creative with a virtual whiteboard to map out your ideas.
Invision and Miro are tools that give you more freedom than a Word doc or Powerpoint, they give you a blank canvas for you to draw, mockup or get ideas down quickly. Pair it with a screen share on Zoom and it’s doing a real whiteboard session in the office.