Get These Apps to Stay Motivated and Productive While Working from Home

By Daniel Angelini on July 13, 2020

Though most of us have been fortunate enough to be able to continue our work remotely during the pandemic, it can be difficult to stay focused and motivated.

Without the proper tools, it’s all too easy to be sidetracked by other responsibilities such as housework, or simply become too lazy to commit to an entire day in front of a screen. However, with the right desk setup and appropriate tools, you can easily stay organised and productive at any time of the day. 

Desktop Apps

If you’re using a laptop computer, take note of these helpful desktop applications. 

  • Communication: Asana incorporates email and announcement features that your organisation is used to as well as more informal tools such as instant messaging.
  • Bug-tracking: Asana allows users to track bugs and submit the appropriate forms for bug fixes.
  • Project management: projects can be broken down into tasks and milestones, allowing users to tag and note deadlines for assignments. Larger tasks can be broken down into subtasks to make them more approachable and easier to accomplish. Managers can tag more important tasks with priority headers.
  • Suggestions and requests: want to better streamline your process? Asana can record requests and feedback regarding a specific project.
  • Track applicants: Asana can help you track applicants during recruiting season and segregate them into roles. You can even upload resumes and other relevant documents to a certain applicant. 
  • Customise profiles: if you’re not a fan of branded or built-in templates, you can create one with your own unique branding. 
  • Time-zone detection: you can sync up with clients and applicants from other states and countries by tracking their time zones. 
  • Scheduling notice: sick of last-minute meetings? Calendly can help you prepare for scheduled tasks, projects, and meetings. 
  • Broaden talent acquisition: if you’ve been working during the pandemic, chances are you’ve probably already hopped onto a Zoom call. As remote work continues to grow in popularity regardless of the current circumstances, video conferencing allows you to expand your pool of talents instead of having to limit yourself to local options. If you’re better off working with an international partner, Zoom can help bridge the geographical gaps. 
  • Flexibility: physical meetings can be a logistical nightmare if everyone is trying to get to one place from different cities. With Zoom, you can send links to instant meetings that are accessible in a single click. Job candidates will be more comfortable interviewing in spaces that are familiar to them and don’t have to succumb to the pressures of making a long trip worth the journey. Not to mention, you also reduce travel time and costs for everyone in the company.  

Mobile Apps

If you prefer to complete simple tasks on your mobile phone, these are applications you definitely want to have. 

  • Guided mediation: after a long day of hard work, being able to unpack can leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the coming week. Don’t worry about not being able to find a session that doesn’t interest you—Calm caters to all types of listeners and offers different types of meditations that can help combat stress or frustration. Taking up 5 to 10 minutes of your day to meditate can greatly improve your mood over time. 
  • Self-help: treating yourself to a moment to alleviate the stress and exhaustion built up after a heavy workday is easy with Calm. Especially if you suffer from panic attacks, Calm can be an excellent way to target stress and depression. 
  • Sleeping aid: if you’ve been experiencing insomnia, Calm’s sleep stories can help combat sleeplessness. They can get you ready for bed by easing the mind and detracting from other thoughts about your day. Pick something that is passive, otherwise, you may become too interested in the story instead of getting enough sleep! 

  • Goal tracking: if you haven’t been able to work towards your personal goals, Centr can help you keep track of them by reminding you to work out or perform a detox. If you can keep your to-do list close to you at all time, it makes your goals more tangible and gives you more reason to achieve them.
  • Daily planning: the heart of your day, Centr keeps all your to-do list items in one place. You can take a look back at what you’ve already done or remind yourself about what you have to do next. 
  • Progress tracking: being proud of your progress can be incredibly liberating—you should treat them like little victories. With Centr, you can celebrate achievements by updating your weight loss progress or ticking off major milestone tasks.
  • Audiobooks: boring tasks can be incredibly demotivating, so keeping yourself entertained with an audiobook while you work can pump some much-needed brain juice. Especially if you’re glued to a screen all day, audiobooks can provide you with the same reading experience without having to rest your eyes on a book or screen. Audible is also an excellent way to refresh your knowledge on certain topics that might be relevant to your career.

Movi: a Productive Workspace

Part of learning to work efficiently is creating a space where you can work comfortably and remain motivated throughout the day. Movi is a stand-up workspace that can help boost your productivity and even improve your health. Did you know that sitting around at a desk all day can actually increase your chances of contracting heart disease? It’s exactly why health experts recommend taking a five-minute break to stretch your limbs every hour. 

Being too sedentary can be detrimental to your health. With Movi, you can easily improve your posture and take a second to move around whenever you like. 


Working from home can pose a lot of distractions. When we succumb to them, it’s difficult to get back on track without feeling lethargic or demotivated. Thus, it’s important to be equipped with the right tools to help keep you productive and driven to complete your tasks on any given day. 

With a standing desk setup, you can hone your creativity while improving your overall health. If you’re having trouble staying on task at home, Movi might be the solution for you! Ask us how.