How To Guide: Choosing the right standing desk

By Alexander Mohamed on August 14, 2018

We all agree that to be at your most productive, you need the right set up, equipment, space and freedom to move and spread out... add some coffee in and you're all set!

Drawing on the concept of Feng Shui, it's very hard to concentrate and stay motivated when you're not in harmony with your surroundings; ie. you have clutter and mess around you, you feel sluggish and down so you just want to be somewhere else!

We thought exactly the same thing when coming up with the design of the MOVI Standing Desk. We had to focus on you, and only you, rather than (and ugly) mechanisms or systems. We wanted MOVI to have an uplifting impact on your office, so that you have a standing desk solution that gives you maximum productivity without any compromise.

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Guidelines from Worksafe Queensland

Worksafe Queensland have issued some clear guidelines that provide a really good comparison of what to seek out when looking for a standing desk.

It covers off on the following major problems that exist with most height adjustable, table top standing desks available (these are the products that go onto an existing desk, like MOVI). And also provides optimal solutions.

Common issues with height adjustable standing desks

  • They’re not ergonomic: most products only allow 35cm (13.7”) of height elevation meaning that users taller than 178cm (5’ 10”) won’t have an ergonomic setup.
  • Potential back strain with manual lifts: Moving from sitting to standing can be a hazard because the lifting levers are quite far from you, requiring you to lean and reach forward. This can lead to shoulder, neck and back strains. 
  • Heavy to adjust: Manual lifts can also be heavy to adjust when a lot of equipment is placed on top of the desk. This can be very dangerous to the health of your back when you regularly lift and lower.
  • Restrictive and limited workspace: most platforms have small keyboard trays as the primary working area, which can be very restrictive and limiting and an interference to how you work. These set-ups also only cater for computer based workers rather than illustrators, designers and architects.
  • Bulky design: many products are not aesthetically pleasing or refined, and take up a lot of space in the office, making them look and feel out of place (these are in addition to the guidelines set out by Worksafe Queensland).
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How MOVI was built to make standing simple

What happens when something is too hard and frustrating to use? Generally, you stop using it!

We definitely didn't want this to happen with MOVI. So MOVI was built and designed with specific consideration of the above issues. And, as users of standing desk add-ons in the past ourselves, it became very clear what worked and what didn't.

How does MOVI stand out?

  • Truly Ergonomic: MOVI offers 24 height settings, allowing users from 5' to 6'4" to adjust the platform to a perfect height for working comfortably. 
  • One-touch electric lift: Press a button and the desk raises and lowers. No stretching and awkward leaning to lift heavy loads.
  • Suits dual monitor set-ups: You can load up MOVI with up to 20kgs and with one touch, it will lift it all for you.
  • Simple Adjustability: again with one-touch you can seamlessly move between sitting and standing at any time of day.
  • Very Spacious: a primary working area that is unencumbered by anything unnecessary so that it suits all users from those using computers to those reviewing large plans.
  • Minimal Design: an aesthetic design and beautiful natural wood bench-top that will enhance your office workspace, drawing on the idea of bringing the outside in and a connection with nature.

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We hope you enjoy moving more with MOVI.

We're sure you'll get the most out of your workday with it's considered design.


The MOVI Standing Desk is a height adjustable standing desk platform that converts your existing desk into an electric standing desk without the time and cost associated with removing and refitting existing office furniture. Simple as that.

Our adjustable stand up desks are spacious, stylish, smart, safe and stable.

A more uplifting experience - We’ve engineered (and patented) our own electric lifting system to offer you more. Safer lifting, larger productive workspace, more height settings, better ergonomics, dual monitor lifting capacity, strength and stability at all heights, digital sit-stand reminders, digital height input memory save, power-save and more.

This goes without saying that our stand up desk arrives fully assembled, with a 2 year warranty in your choice of black or white with a beautiful natural wood bench-top.

Feel the difference - be more productive and uplifted at work.