This Innovative Sit Stand Desk Gives You 4X The Desk Space And Takes You From Sitting To Standing In Seconds

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The Motorised MOVI Workspace Desk Increases Physical, Metabolic And Mental Health

A sit stand desk reduces muscle aches, back pain, stress, anxiety, depression and obesity. We know because we consulted with 30 health experts in our design process. So this means you’ll have happier, healthier employees who work longer and harder for you. Here’ a few more reasons why MOVI Workspace Desks are the perfect addition to your office…

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Imagine Being Able To Work A Whole Day Without Pain, Discomfort or Fatigue…

If you’re like most people who have a desk job, you might experience back pain, muscle aches and fatigue during your work day. This makes it extremely hard to stay focused or work for any period of time. You simply can’t afford to have this lack of productivity when your livelihood depends on your performance.

At MOVI, we create beautiful height adjustable desks which allow you to sit or stand at the click of a button. This allows you to relieve pressure on your spine and lungs, as well as increase circulation which can eliminate those painful aches.

Prolonged Sitting Is Impacting Your Health

Prolonged sitting is so bad for your health that it’s now commonly referred to as the ‘new smoking’. Studies show sitting and remaining sedentary has a highly toxic effect on your body. 147% higher risk of heart disease, 20% higher risk of cancer, 31% higher chance of early death and 34% higher chance of type 2 diabetes – all from sitting too much!

Don’t worry though, you can do something about it without changing careers. MOVI sit stand desks allow you to electronically raise your workstation with one button, using a patented, high-speed motorised system. This means you can minimise the negative effects of sitting during your work day and don’t have to strain your back with any manual lifting to sit and stand.

Finally Improve Energy Levels And Mental Focus So You Can Unchain Yourself From Your Desk

Sit stand desks don’t just reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. They also increase your blood flow and enhances your lung capacity. This means more oxygen is carried through your blood throughout your body, improving energy levels and mental clarity.

You’ll be able to work for longer periods of time without taking a break. You’ll feel energised and full of vitality throughout the day. And you’ll find it easier to concentrate and have higher levels of creativity. This leads to an increase in the quality of work as well as total output for your workplace.

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Free Delivery

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Ergonomic Design

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See The Difference Between Sitting And Standing For Yourself

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Hurry! Claim Your Discount Now And Save $200 While Stocks Last.

These Industry Leaders All Use MOVI Workspace Desks

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This Beautifully Designed Sit Stand Desk Boosts Your Productivity By Up To 3X!

MOVI Workspace Desks aren’t just elegantly styled, robust in performance and excellent at reducing health risks. They also have a massive impact on productivity and efficiency. Studies have shown sit stand desk can increase worker health and workplace productivity. And a study by Medibank showed that when we are healthy we are nearly 3 TIMES more productive - or output 1,128 productive hours per year, per employee when compared to unhealthy employees!

They can also reduce sick leave taken by employees by 8 days per year because of the health benefits. This enormous improvement in productivity means a MOVI standing desk could return the highest ROI of any investment you make.

More Height Adjustments And 4 TIMES The Surface Space Of Other Sit Stand Desks

Not all sit stand desks are created equal. Some need complicated installations, don’t raise up high enough for taller people or need to be adjusted with a dangerous manual pull. They can also be made with flimsy material and have tiny working spaces which is simply impractical.

Not with MOVI. Our standing desks require zero assembly, raise high enough for people up to 6’4” tall and electronically adjust height with the click of a button. They also have 4 TIMES the working space of other desks and have been engineered in Australia so they’re built to last.

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A Better Work Life Starts Here

The reviews are in and the Australian public has spoken: the MOVI Workspace Desk is helping everyday Aussie workers become heathier and more productive.

Work Without Restriction With The MOVI Workspace

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How The MOVI Workspace Compares To All Other Options

Take Your Workspace Into The Modern Age With A Premium Electric Standing Desk

24 Height Adjustments To Easily Find The Perfect Setting

4 Times The Surface Area Of Other Sit Stand Desk Convertors

Premium Bamboo Bench Top Provides Extra Durability

5 Year Product Warranty Which Gives You Peace Of Mind

Remembers Height Settings For ‘One Click’ Position Changes

High-Speed Electric Motor, User Interface And 2 USB Ports

Inbuilt Digital Reminder To Keep Moving To Reduce Muscle Aches

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Hear How The MOVI Workspace Have Improved Our Customers Working Lives

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MOVI Workspace Tech Specs


  • Memory save your standing height

  • Lifts up to 20kg (44lbs)

  • 2x USB charging ports

  • Digital height input and LED screen

  • Built in sit-stand reminder

  • Auto-sleep power save mode


  • Suits people from 5ft to 6ft 4"

  • 24 height settings at 1cm

  • increments (½")

  • Elevates 44cm (17.5”) above your existing desk


  • Thickness 3.9cm (1.5")

  • Size (workspace) 115cm wide (45") x 70cm deep (27")

  • Size (footprint) 106cm wide (42") x 54cm deep (21.25")

  • Desk weight 15kgs (33lbs)

  • Power supply 110-240V AC power input

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Hurry! Claim Your Discount Now And Save $200 While Stocks Last.

See The MOVI Workspace In Action

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Hurry! Claim Your Discount Now And Save $200 While Stocks Last.

No Risk Now, No Risk Later

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

What’s more, all MOVI Workspace Desks are covered by our 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty and are guaranteed to last over 15,000 lift cycles. This means you can invest with the peace of mind your new sit stand desk is made with quality materials and will stand the test of time.

Here’s What People Say About MOVI Workspace Desks…


Hurry! For We Are Offering $200 Off The MOVI Workspace

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Get $200 Off The MOVI Workspace Sit Stand Desk For - Now Just $595

For we are offering $200 off our MOVI Workspace Desk!

Why are we giving you a $200 off out state of the art desk? Here at MOVI we are on a mission to eliminate workplace illnesses caused by sitting, which has been linked to a variety of health concerns from lower back pain, obesity and even heart disease - and for we want to get as many people as possible to join the MOVI Movement!

You must act now though, stock is strictly limited and we sold out last month in

Get The MOVI Workspace For Just $595 While Stocks Last

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Hurry! Claim Your Discount Now And Save $200 While Stocks Last.

Need Help? See Our Helpful FAQ’s Below To Answer Your Questions

Yes. The soft-feel rubber feet have been designed with a grippy rubber that’s non-scratch. You don't need to attach it to your existing desk. We recommend that two people unpack and lift MOVI onto your existing desk.

Yes. Most monitors are 11lbs (5kgs) in weight and a large Apple iMac 27” is 22lbs (11kgs). MOVI has a maximum lifting capacity of 44lbs (20kg) so you can comfortably set up however you need to.

Yes. Via the user interface you can easily switch between your preference of centimeters or inches. Press and hold the ⇧ and ⇩ buttons together to access the menu which enables you to set your preferences.

For most users of average height, with a typical set up, the up/down time is closer to 20 seconds. MOVI takes approximately 30 seconds to go from completely flat to the maximum standing height of 18” (44cm) when lifting a maximum load of 44lbs (20kgs).

MOVI uses a high speed electric motor to adjust its height. This emits a sound which is similar to a photocopier or printer. We have acoustically insulated the motor so that it doesn't interfere with your working environment.

The bamboo bench top is coated with a hard-wearing, water-based, eco coating that should prevent it from scratching and staining over time. As bamboo is a natural material, we cannot guarantee that the bamboo will stay in it’s original state throughout it’s life particularly if exposed directly to sunlight.

Yes, just like regular office equipment, you can leave MOVI connected to power at all times. When MOVI is not being used, it will go into power-saving mode so that it uses very little energy.

Definitely not. An ergonomic chair is a great piece of equipment for allowing your muscles to rest. When standing, your muscles are engaged, but when you start to tire, an ergonomic chair is very helpful to allow your muscles to rest. When you start using a standing desk it's important to listen to your body, and if there are any signs of strain or discomfort, then change posture or sit and take a break.

For east coast metro areas delivery time is between 1-3 business days. For all other areas, shipping may take up to 5 business days. If our product is out of stock, you'll be notified of the expected of the delivery timeframe at checkout.

Once your order is ready to be dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive a notification via email or SMS with a tracking link for your order.

MOVI offers a 120 Day Guarantee on change of mind returns. So if you find that MOVI isn't quite the right fit for you, contact us and we will pick up MOVI free of charge and provide you with a refund. For full details, please see our Refund Policy in our Terms and Conditions available on this website.

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