Why Bamboo? 6 Reasons Bamboo Is Our Material Of Choice

By Daniel Angelini on June 09, 2019

Why Bamboo? 6 Reasons Bamboo Is Our Material Of Choice

When we created our stand-up desk at Movi, we were passionate about the future of our planet, to develop a product that not only looked aesthetically beautiful, but also protected our earth rather than depleted it.

Being consciously aware of making sustainable choices, it was imperative for us to create a minimal footprint as our legacy.

The answer? Bamboo!
It’s a natural resource that is eco-friendly at the same time as being perfect for our designers in durability, style and providing economic value.

It's a technological wonder, that nature already built – Nick Frey, Newsweek.

Ecologically Sustainable
Bamboo is actually a fast, growing grass that is abundant and ready for harvest within 3-5 years; as opposed to hardwoods such as maple and birch that require anywhere between 70-100 years to reach maturity, that when forested deplete our earth.

When Bamboo is harvested, the roots are left in place, rarely needing replanting; it self-regenerates, protecting the soil and keeping its nutrients.

No Chemicals
It doesn’t require any fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals to flouris; and releases 35% more oxygen than your average tree, it’s carbon neutral and absorbs greenhouse gases.

Little Waste
Every part of Bamboo is used to create a wide variety of products such as clothes, medicine, fuel, paper and of course furniture, including our streamlined Movi stand-up desk.

Bamboo is stronger than steel and stands compression better than concrete! Who would have thought?
Used in many countries as scaffolding for its strength, we love it as it provides resilience, durability and a tough surface, while still remaining elegant to the eye.

Its stability was also a determining factor, as it’s resistant to temperature changes and humidity, with its fibres less likely to warp or shrink.

Economic Benefit
Bamboo is able to thrive in a wide range of environments. Its production and manufacturing provide job opportunities, plus economic development and stability in less developed countries.

Elegant Aesthetic
Design is of utmost importance to us and bamboo provides a natural refined timber surface, that has sophisticated, clean lines and fits into any stylish workplace.

We didn’t need to look any further than bamboo as it met all our environmental standards to build a desk for you that provides beauty, durability and allows the planet to thrive.

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