Bamboo, sustainable timber and our mission to create a responsible product

By Daniel Angelini on June 17, 2020
Bamboo is a versatile material. With its strength, durability, adaptability, and appeal, it is commonly used as material for furniture, such as tables and desks. This natural material makes for a great material choice to create your ideal standing desk setup, as it not only adds charm and timelessness to your workstation, but it also helps protect the environment as well.

We choose bamboo because we LOVE trees!

Bamboo can be selectively harvested without the destruction of the grove or stand. Greater use of bamboo as an alternative to hardwoods will contribute to a slowing in the depletion of tropical forests, with corresponding benefits for bio-diversity, conservation, and carbon sequestration (absorption). As a result, planting and harvesting bamboo can help the world to get a step closer to carbon neutrality.

The design aesthetic of MOVI was inspired by nature.

We had the vision of bringing the outside indoors to create an uplifting workspace. With this in mind, we felt a natural benchtop was the best way to achieve this. So when considering the materials that make MOVI, an environmentally friendly and eco solution was top priority. Bamboo was our selection, next to FSC timber, but bamboo is environmentally far superior, and we loved the look, feel and durability of bamboo the best!

What exactly makes bamboo such a great choice for your workspace?

1. It is durable

Compared to wood, plastic, steel, and other materials used to make desks, bamboo is stronger and more durable. It is resistant to damage, such as from scratches or termites. Also, it can handle a beating and can withstand everyday wear and tear, so you are assured that your standing desk will not break or fall apart easily. In essence, a bamboo desk lasts for a long time, making it a trustworthy choice when investing in a work desk.

2. It is excellent for indoor and outdoor use

If you are planning to work outdoors, then a bamboo standing desk is perfect for you.

Unlike other materials, bamboo is highly versatile and adaptable. It does not swell or shrink in moist or dry settings, which is why you don’t have to worry about the sudden changes in the climate, weather, or temperature. In addition, it is lightweight, so you can easily move it from one place to another. By having this type of standing desk, you can accomplish your tasks without any hassle while enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking view outdoors.

3. It boosts the aesthetic appeal of your workstation

Creating a healthy and aesthetically pleasing working environment is important to help you speed through your tasks and handle your responsibilities more efficiently. This is why investing in your ideal stand-up workspace is essential.

Bamboo offers endless possibilities for styles, and they can come in a wide range of sizes and colours. With a bamboo standing desk, you can turn your bleak office into an outstanding working space by matching your desk with other items or pieces of furniture in your room, creating a unique and cohesive theme.

4. It is eco-friendly

Choosing a bamboo desk helps you protect the environment. Unlike wooden trees that take decades to mature, bamboo can grow fully in only several years. Therefore, bamboo is a renewable and sustainable material as it is fast and easy to produce and regrow.

5. It is easy to maintain

Maintaining your bamboo standing desk requires only minimal time and effort. All you need to do is to keep it dirt-free using a small broom and damp cloth and avoid exposing it under direct sunlight.


Bamboo standing desks showcase modern beauty that is highly adaptable to various themes you want to have for your room. Whether you are interested in having a cozy rustic office or adding a touch of nature to your workspace, integrating the best standing desk setup made of bamboo lets you create an extraordinary working environment that can motivate you to stay focused and productive.

If you are looking for a high-quality bamboo adjustable stand-up desk in Australia, then you have come to the right place. Contact us to place your order now!